Oliver Clegg: Euclid's Porsche

Rental Gallery Presents

Oliver Clegg: Euclid’s Porsche

Curated by Adam Cohen

May 1 - 25, 2018

New York, NY – April 17, 2018 – Rental Gallery is pleased to present new work by Brooklyn-

based artist Oliver Clegg for his first solo exhibition in New York City, on the ground floor of the

Metal Shutter Houses project. Euclid’s Porsche is comprised of 150 paintings of Happy Meal

Toys sourced from eBay seller photographs found online. The opening reception will be on

Tuesday, May 1 from 6 to 8pm.

The artist recreates, as oil paintings, the photos eBay sellers take of their objects, honoring the

original size, composition, and color of the found image. By subverting the intent of these

amateur photographers—by elevating their photographs to art—the artist adds value to their

often nonchalant attempts to make a sale. These paintings are intimate and wistful, reflecting

the sentimental affection we have for seemingly worthless plastic we valued as children.

British-born Clegg is a conceptual artist who mines the fertile history of the past, particularly

found objects, and seeks to imbue these objects with some of their original magic. His work is

humorously melancholic, exposing our memories and discarded ephemera as potential sources

of symbolism. This exhibition casts the internet as an open source photography album where

everyone can mine memories that aren’t their own.

The exhibition is curated by Adam Cohen, who bought Oliver Clegg’s entire MFA degree show

in 2005, becoming his first collector. With an abundance of Oliver’s work, and the artist

spontaneously decamping to the South West of England, the pair lost touch but reconnected a

few years ago when Oliver substituted Wellington boots for sneakers and moved to New York.


Outside NADA New York, Adam ran into his friend and artist Darren Bader who encouraged his

walking partner Oliver that “Adam is one of the nicest people in the art world." A studio visit was

arranged and a subsequent invitation by Rental Gallery to present the work during Frieze

seemed tailor-made – the connection reestablished.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue of the complete works with a text by Darren

Bader that offers over a hundred and twenty working titles for the show.


Oliver Clegg has exhibited extensively since graduating in 2005 and has been presented at the

Prague, Busan and Venice Biennales as well as showing in the Reykjavik Museum of Modern

art, Dox Centre for the contemporary Art and The Saatchi gallery. Anomie has recently

published his first comprehensive monograph that was launched at PS1 MoMa in December

2017. His work is in various notable private and public collections.